For each function the best rational solution. Everywhere without renounces: technology, design, and style.

Elegance is the line of built-in elements that includes all traditional modules of a professional self-service facility: bain-marie with water, dry heated tanks, glass ceramic tops, refrigerated tanks, refrigerated and heated display cases with humidification, combined with a full range of accessories.


With Elegance, you can choose between a traditional bain-marie, specifically conceived for keeping warm food, and a dry heated tank that doesn’t require water connection and is particularly suitable if it is not possible to use water.

For all those types of food needing a humidified heat Elegance offers a heated display case with humidification and ventilation, that together with bain-marie reveals to be an ideal solution for displaying pasta, rice, steamed or stewed meat, cooked vegetables etc.

The product range of heated elements includes also a big surface glass ceramic top suitable for displaying warm food such as pizza and bun.


With Emainox refrigerated tanks and tops you can display and preserve in the best way cold food such as a sandwich, salads, and desserts. A big choice of accessories: central superstructures with curved double or single glass, lighting elements, front glass, allows you to find the best solution for your needs.


Refrigerated display cases of Elegance are particularly suitable for displaying cold food thanks to the air flux system that allows a circulation of refrigerated air on between a display case shelves, too. A wide choice of models: on a tank, on top, closed, with clapet or curtain, with two o three shelves, with/without refrigerating unit allows you to meet all your needs.