Self 800


Self 800 is an especially spacious system, composed of a series of self-supporting structure modules, designed to be easily joined in line. This lets you create self-service customized systems suitable for quick distribution of meals to a large number of diners, for example, in:

  • Hotels
  • Dining facilities in companies
  • Schools and universities
  • Military facilities
  • Commercial centers

The careful finishing in stainless steel 18/10 and the technical solutions adopted ensure great sturdiness and duration of the product, thus simplifying the operations of cleaning and maintenance, which favors perfect hygiene.

Emainox Self 800 line makes it possible to find custom-made solutions to meet any functional or aesthetic needs.

The main technical characteristics of the line:

  • Curved wells with electro-mechanical filling and overflow drain
  • HACCP digital control, suitable for monitoring critical events, applied to all elements.
  • The capacity of refrigerated reserves greater than the market average.
  • Head to head joining of the various elements to create complete continuity of the work/support surface.
  • Customization of the front panel (standard version completely in stainless steel) with various wood-essences or other materials.

We keep your food warm with traditional bain-marie, but also with heated glass ceramic tops and with heated cabinets for plates.


Wells, cabinets, display cases and refrigerated tops let you choose the very best to conserve and display your food. A line of elements that combines the reliability of digital technology with the functionality you need.

Emainox places the utmost focus on safety, ergonomics, and quality of the materials it uses to create its products.


We offer the best solutions for all your needs in the composition of self-service equipment. In addition to the various types of cabinets, the range of neutral elements includes structures for the distribution of plates and trays, corner and support elements, cash register elements, etc. A wide variety of choice where you can find everything you need to creatively complete your service.