Self 700

Self 700 is a system of surprising convenience, flexible and dynamic, designed to offer you the utmost advantage from your investment. A wide range of elements, practical accessories and materials completes the Self 700 line and offers the best response to meet all of your needs for functionality and ergonomics.

Technology, aesthetics, and construction in stainless steel18/10 ensure a high-quality product that is extremely reliable and is produced with close attention to details, in line with the finest standards of Emainox.

Self 700 is an ideal solution for all those cases when it is necessary to optimize the composition of the line by frequently varying the arrangement of the elements:

  • Airports
  • Train stations
  • Autogrill
  • Catering companies


When distributing meals to children it is essential that the latter can easily see and reach the food.

The Kinder line, while conserving the features and accessories of the standard Self 700, is composed of lower elements: the height of the modules is just 800 mm.

The characteristics of hygiene, safety, and practicality that are featured in all Emainox products are especially important when children are serving themselves.

The Self 700 Kinder line is the optimal solution for use in elementary and junior high school cafeterias.

Our bain-marie and glass-ceramic elements keep your dishes at the right temperature. The heated cabinets, suitable for holding plates, are equipped with a separate heating system and controlled by an independent thermostat. All of this with the usual reliability of Emainox and in compliance with current regulations.

Static refrigeration of tops and wells, the use of ventilated evaporators in the display cases and in the cabinets, all this to ensure the highest level of technology in the various applications.

Self 700 is a free-flow line with self-supporting structures, with the possibility to join simply by placing the modules alongside one another or to fasten them in line using the joining and connecting accessories.

Emainox is proud to place its 30 years of experience at the client’s service.

Cabinets, cash registers, corner and support elements: the breadth of the range lets you find the right solution for your needs.

The front and side paneling can be customized by request of the client to meet the aesthetic needs of the setting.
As an alternative to the standard version, you may request panels in a wide range of colors, laminated, metallic, or covered with various types of wood materials.

Along with extreme flexibility, Self 700 provides nearly endless possibilities for customizations. A wide range of accessories lets you adapt the line to suit various technical and aesthetic needs.